We had the same idea, my friend and I, the same conclusion, at the same time. I was in need of someone local to reach out to a woman half way across the country who I had been working with via phone and text. I needed a live person to go to her, encourage her and pray with her – face to face. There was no one who would be that person. There was no one who felt “equipped”, and therefore the things that she needed from human-Christian contact was lost.

My friend had that need to simply get together and have coffee. To speak of the Lord, His word, to compare ideas together and learn…to study…to grow, to equip…

After all, don’t we ALL want that?

Laying aside the ideology of the institutional church and with it all of the man-made…shall we say “bondage“…?

Christ brought us, as believers..FREEDOM!

All we know is Jesus Christ – His power, His promises and His authority. That IS  our faith and that is all we need to do the work that we have been called to. Our faith, our LORD, IS our “equipping“. After all, we’ve seen enough of the hype.

We are to support, encourage, build up, we are to love each other with…what is that kind of biblical love– fervent love

Where has that gone???

We are one body, one faith, one baptism. Despite the false teaching, the hype, and the “it’s all about MY anointing”, there remains the truth in Christ. It’s not about MY anything. It is about Him- God in the flesh, Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and coming soon!  And it is about that one who needs more than a text or a voice on the phone. And it’s time to lay aside our fear and believe. It is time to again make disciples, operating in the freedom and anointing of true gifts to equip the church, and bring the lost to the Shepherd.

This is where we…connect that truth together as one,

and reach out

and to hear His words…”Well done”.