Churches in my area just a couple of reasons I don’t attend

Psalms 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”

So I have just listened to two local area pastor’s sermons. Both sermons were around 35 minutes each, in total then I’ve listened to a little over an hour of Sunday morning “preaching”.

The one sermon there were only two scriptures used. One at the beginning that was called the “verse of the week” so I can assume that it really didn’t pertain to the sermon text, it didn’t seem to. The other verse was from Proverbs.  I did initially think that the pastor’s beginning statement was interesting in that they started out by saying:

“We, the church, definitely don’t want to get conformed to this world but that’s kind of where the church is today and you see that in America for sure; because there’s really no persecution in America to the Christians because we basically look like the world; and God is saying He wants us to look like Christ. He wants us to be Christ to the world.”

First I thought is he really that self-aware? Does he really see the church he pastors as conforming to the world also and in need of correcting it’s course, or is he just referencing the “others”? He dropped the subject quickly and kind of awkwardly so I can only assume.

 Anyway, the subject/sermon was the traps that Satan lays for us and although it would be considered a somewhat good “talk”; a sermon it was not. There was a little history thrown in and stories of traps that animals get into…comparing our weaknesses to these of course the funny humorous antidotes and on and on. Lots of self-help etc. Speaking of Satan saying
“he ( Satan) isn’t really after you personally; he is after the Kingdom of God that you produce.”…..
so is he saying that if we stop producing for the Kingdom of God Satan will leave us alone? There were no scriptures in context by any means; using two verses one in the old testament one in the new and totally unrelated to the topic, there was barely any scripture. Although when he started to speak to the topic of Satan’s traps for us several scripture references came to mind…and in context; such as Hebrews 4:15 and verses 1-16 brings wonderful context on avoiding the traps and snares. Or even 1 Peter 5:6-9 resisting the devil… but those where just in my head.

It was mostly a cheer leading session as we all stumble fall but we can do it, if we just try harder, God and the Holy Spirit are behind us, as if cheering us on? What happened to the Word being a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path???  More could be said but I will leave it as it is, lacking scriptural content, structure, and Biblical truth, as not much Bible was mentioned at all. So it was more of a Joel Osteen flavor.

Sermon two: Where to begin? This was similar in  to sermon one, in that both were centered around “us” doing and being this way or that. This sermon however was very much anchored in the old Word of Faith crowds; speaking things into existence. Blab it and grab it; only it has morphed into even more deceptive “processes” and “formulas”.

The topic of this sermon was thankfulness and much more scripture verses were used…..none in context except one section in 1Timothy,, supposedly, and it was horribly mutilated out of it’s content. The pastor even said

1 Timothy chapter two, I’m going to start with verse one and I use this as a spring board for several different things but today it’s going to be this “thanksgiving” thing.

Never mind what God or the Holy Spirits true content and context of 1Timothy chapter two 1-4 actually MEANS or SAYS today this pastor is going to use it for what he wants. After all he has used it as a spring board for several other topics. This alone should be more than enough to wake up the sheep in the pews and send them running from the building and it speaks volumes against any pastor who can stand in front of their congregation and basically say yep I take the Word of God out of context, I don’t apply exegesis. I just use scripture and twist it to whatever I happen to be teaching on.

While this should be enough there’s actually more, but I will try and make this brief. In speaking on prayer the pastor went off on a bent about “silent” prayer”:

The verbal advantage is in Christianity; it’s called speaking because when we (Christians) speak, things change.

When we pray, we should be speaking. That whole thing of praying silently, I can only find one example of it in the whole Bible. One! and it’s I Genesis and the guy prayed so that the young woman could not hear; because he was asking God, if this is the young lady who you sent me here to find have her offer to give me a drink of water and my animals too and she did.

I’m not saying you can’t pray silently but you have to have a good reason to though.

Obviously the pastor is referencing Genesis 24:10-15 where Abraham’s servant is sent to find Isaac a wife. Read the scripture, the servant “prays out loud”…..I’m dumbfounded at the lack of any reasonable, sound scriptural teaching, outright fallacies and apparently no one in the pews  are paying any attention; and  it’s apparent the pastor doesn’t check his “stories” either. He also goes on to speak about how we can shift the atmosphere around someone who needs salvation and other “experiences”.

So much more could be covered but I do want to keep this short; however, I do want to point out that both of these “pastors” are what one would consider “seasoned”, they are not newbies both have been in the pulpit for 30 plus years, each. How embarrassing and how horrible to the body of Christ. The sheep are bound and blind and so are their leaders.